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Nov 21, 2022

My soul praises You, O Lord;
For all Your benefits toward me;
Yes, and I call all the Gentiles with me;
To present a praise of thanksgiving for the riches of Your love;
My heart will never rest until I see everyone join the heavenly creatures;
To become all one holy church;
Perpetually meditating in Your love and care.

Your mercy, O Lord is the secret of our strength; You liberated us from the bondage of the devil; And made us children of God Your Father;
You broke down the gates of Sheol;
And You gave us the two wings of the Spirit;
To fly and set forth to You;
You opened the gates of heaven before us;
And presented Your righteousness to be our righteousness; Your truth supports us forever;
Glory be to You, O Philanthropic One!

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