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Mar 7, 2023

No one should take pride in his race or his fortune.

We should evade this wealth for which the Rich One became poor.

He did not even get a drop of water although He had asked for it a lot.

We should not care about this poverty where we do not have a sip of water.

If an earthly king tells us: no rich man shall enter my palace nor be honored in my kingdom and that I shall raise the poor one and make him great?

Would we not have then thrown away all our wealth?

The king of heavens had made it known everywhere that it shall be hard for the rich man who relies on his wealth to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

How can it not be hard for him to enter when he is like a stupid peasant to whom the master had given seeds and ordered him to plant them in his land?

When he got them he was so happy that he hid them until they were spoiled.

He wasted the capital and lost the benefits.

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