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Sep 20, 2022

O Lord Jesus Christ, will You make me worthy to partake in building Your House!...
God’s dwelling place is sanctity that we are requested to attain... Consequently,
everybody can found a tabernacle for God in his heart...
Examining the tabernacle closely, the purple, the blue, the fine twined line etc.

symbolize the variety of good deeds.

Gold refers to faith (Rev. 23:18);
Silver to preaching (Ps. 12:6);
Brass to patience;
Timber that does not rot to the acquaintance that the believer gains in the
uninhabited wilderness and the everlasting chastity; Linen to virginity ;
Purple to loving martyrdom,
Scarlet to the brightness of love,
Blue to hope in the heavenly kingdom.
From all these material the tabernacle is built.]


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