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Jan 12, 2022

Our mentions are in the heaven

My lord raise the eyes of my heart toward the heaven and the heavenly every moment lest to get worn out,

If I walked in the hardship You survive me and save me for Your heavenly kingdom ,

Place a guard over my mouth and shield door to my lips lest to fall and to worn out,

Abide me in You, in Your words, in Your love and Your continuous joy,

Fill me from Your grace, Your truth and Your power that I walk it through my sojourn days,

And lead me with Your cloud and Your fire night and day so I follow You every moment and lest to worn out,

And fill me from Your fountain and heal me by Your water and saves me so I praise You every moment,

And fill me gladness by Your salvation and the hope of the heavenly and the secret of the new Body,

And rebuke the winds and vanish my enemies and grown the seeds of Your grace...gird my loins and lighting my lantern,

And ignite in me the longing of Your love that pulls me towards You every moment,

And destroy the evil under my feet so I reach You,
My lord Jesus Christ ...

Fill me patience and humbleness in all my steps and guide me by Your grace. Oh lover of mankind.

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