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Sep 16, 2022

rejoice every moment

Fill me with your happiness my savior that you prepared for me .

Rejoice me with saving me from my enemy who is hiding for me
and its arrows that is flamed with fire.

Rejoice me with the reveal of your glory, your faces light
and the column of cloud that leads me.

Rejoice me with your grace's light that rebuke my heart's darkness
and forgive my sins with your kindness.

Rejoice me with the awaken all nights, love's labor's and sharing your suffering and pain.

Rejoice me with the end of the wind and the waves
, quietness of the storm and the bleeding healing.

Rejoice me was your resurrection's power, the life of righteous and the continues fulfillment from your spirit

Rejoice me in the hardship by revealing your secrets and your love company.

Rejoice me with you being in my heart vessel and by keeping it from the evils hesitations
rejoice me with your wedding banquet, its dress and my entering to it.

My lord Jesus Christ ....the source of joy

Fulfill my with you and sanctify me to you completely and grant me the gift if being attached to you
Oh the lover of mankind

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