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Sep 22, 2022

Rejoice in the Lord

Come today my lord make me rejoice in you And with your grace In me

Make me rejoice with your salvation and saving me from the sin's mud and death's shadow

Rejoice me with my faithfulness to you to the last breath until I get to your weeding
Me and rejoice in the poverty , And childhood and the jumping to your godly arms.

Rejoice me was revealing your secrets that the children only can get it.
Rejoice me in the hard times.

Yes I accept it with happiness, thanking, hope and love

Rejoice me with the wisdom that you gift to your kids and the enjoyment of meditating in you.

Rejoice me with the healing from my chronic illness and untainted me from my handcuffs and bonds

Rejoice me with the protection under your wing's shadows and with the stabilizing in you

Rejoice me with your superior peas ,
you grace that works in me and focusing my thoughts on you

Rejoice me with your richly grace and your kingdom secrets the lover of mankind

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