Mar 11, 2019

Hebrews 13:7

Pope Kyrillos the Sixth
(Take off your glasses and you will see me)
Yousif Rizgalla was a famous researcher who never believed in miracles.
One day he couldn't see. He screamed. What happened? The doctors said "it's retinal detachment and there is no treatment for it here". Some of them suggested that he might seek the treatment abroad.

So without delay he went and booked a ticket to France to seek one of the famous doctors there.
Meanwhile some of his friends advised him to go and have the blessing of Pope Kyrillos before leaving to France even if he didn't believe in miracles.
He went to the patriarch in Azbakya.

The minute Pope Kyrillos saw him he said "at last you came Yousif Rizgalla". Then they lead him to Pope Kyrillos. He asked, him "why are you covering your eyes?" "I have retinal detachment and I'm travelling abroad for treatment", he answered.

Pope Kyrillos: "take off your glasses and you will see me:
Yousif: "I have retinal detachment ya sydna"
Pope Kyrillos: "listen to what I am telling you and take off your glasses"
Then he took the glasses and the cotton off his eyes and to his surprise he could see Pope Kyrillos.He told him "go wash your eyes, read in the bible and then you will see much better".

The man went to the airline to refund his ticket and told the people about the miracle and the man of miracles Pope Kyrillos the Sixth.
May the prayers and intersessions of Pope Kyrillos and his beloved St Mina be with us all and glory be to God forever Amen

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