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May 22, 2023

Show Me My Being

Show me your immanence by the cloud column and your grace of your resurrection and your glorious ascending.

As a shepherd cure me, saturate me, fulfill me and open my eyes to see you.

Teach me how to walk spiritually so my eyes do not blur and not see you
Rejoice me with your presence and your answer to my requests and the grace of eternal life.

I offer my sacrifice so show me your immanence and your glory and you delight me with your descending.

You get me to you and you accept me so I rejoice by you and delight by your love.

You come on the waves and hold me and save me and calm the storm.

And you shine on my heart with the light of your knowledge and your glory so I look to the heavenly.

My lord Jesus Christ
Grant me the faith, the patience and the hope that enters me to you
Fulfill me with the bread of life and anchor me in you, revive me by your grace.

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