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Mar 4, 2023

Show Me Your Ways

Grab my hand and lead me as a young kid and help me in the stages of the road and stabilize my footsteps.

You pull me from the trap of my leg and teach me the fight and Your angels save me and I crush the lion by You.

You grant me patience until the ending to accept pain as a soldier who will not be distracted by things of life.

You work by Your Spirit in me and show me Yourself and open my eyes to see You with me in every moment.

I pour the vessel of my love on Your head and You drunken me with the wine of Your love and Your grace.

I give to You all my will, throwing all the body's desire and thought by Your grace.

You purify me from my impurity and stand me from my failings so I follow You with all my heart.

I offer my body a living sacrifice through my worship... Rejoicing in the hope.

And You dwell in me, granting me the spirit's heat and the heart's sizzling.

And ignite my heart's alter by Your Godly fire and You accept my prayer's incense.

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