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So God created man on His own image ;

Oct 30, 2015

So God created man on His own image ; in the image of God He created him ( Genesis 1:27)

Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you ? ( 1Corinthians 3:16)

+There was an Italian Governor who called an artist and ordered him to draw two different , contradicting pictures at he door of the biggest Spiritual centre in the country.
He ordered him to draw a picture of an angel and on the opposite side a picture of the devil , to monitor the difference between virtue and vice.
The artist started searching for a source to be inspired by to draw the pictures . He found a cute , innocent child , whose white round face showed silence and his eyes were sinking in a sea of happiness .
He went with the child to his family to take their permission to draw a picture of an angel as the child could sit in front of the artist everyday until the artist is done with the drawing in return for a sum of money.
After a month, the artist was done and the picture was ready and impressed people.
It was a copy of the child's face and it was one of the best drawn pictures at that time.
He artist began to look for someone to get inspired from to draw the devil's face , and he was so serious about it that he searched a lot. It was a long a long search that it lasted more than forty years. The governor started to worry that the artist may die before completing the historical masterpiece.
So he announced that a big award would be given for the most terrifying faces.
The artist visited jails, psychiatric clinics , bars and criminal places but all of these people were people not devils.
One time , the artist found the (devil) and he was a bad man swallowing a bottle of wine in a tight corner in a dirty bar.
The artist came towards him and told him about what he was doing and promised to give him a good sum of money . The man agreed and he was ugly looking and stinking, bald and has hair sprouting in the middle of his head as if they were the devils' heads.
He seemed that he does not care about anything , speaking loudly and there were no teeth in his mouth.
The Governor was delighted with him because finding him would make completing the precious historical masterpiece possible .
The artist sat in front of the man and started to draw his features , and adding some features of the ( devil).
One day , the artist looked to the devil who was sitting in front of him and saw a tear descending on his cheek , so the artist was surprised and asked him if he would like to smoke or drink some wine.
So he answered in a voice close to strangled cry " you Sir visited me since more that forty years ago when I was a child and you were inspired from my face to draw and angel and now you are inspired by my face to draw the devil . Days and nights have changed me and I became the contradictory of myself because of my actions".
Tears bursted from his eyes and he leaned on the shoulders of the artist , and they sat together crying in front of the angel's picture.

God created us all like angels but we are the ones who change ourselves because of our transgressions , what way the goodness or the evil ... Do not dirty your Soul and brighten up your face and foresight with your actions and do not give up to souls because Souls are weak.

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