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Apr 24, 2023

So He Filled This House with Grace

Fill me my Lord Jesus Christ from the glory of Your marvelous resurrection oh King of glory.

So my thoughts meditate in thanksgiving and joy because You enlighten my heart by Your grace.

Remove from me the fear and the worry and the doubting and fill me with calmness and peace and joy.

And fill it with the Holy Spirit and the joy from the sharing with You.
And protect the doors of the heart ( the mouth and the tongue ) and exile the thieves and the evil thoughts.

And open the senses to hearing Your voice and to see You and praise Your holy name.

Raising the dead and heal the sick and pay the debts and purify from sin.

And You inflame the soul with Your love so to see You and see the heavens open so to desire immediate departure to You.

My Lord Jesus Christ... Establish me in You and save me from the winds of the storms and hardship and fill me from Your spirit oh Lover of mankind.

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