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Apr 16, 2022

St. Augustine notes that

the three other Gospels mention that the Lord raised three people from the dead.

He finds that, these miracles carry implications that relate to our salvation:

the Lord raised these bodies to indicate the resurrection of our souls.

The Lord raised the daughter of one of the rulers of the synagogue. She was lying in her home (Mark 5:41-43)...

may everyone be concerned about his soul; for in sin there is death: sin is the death of the soul.

Sometimes we commit sin just in our thoughts. You might find pleasure in what is evil and agree to go along.

You are mistaken; for this agreement brings you death. However, it is an inner death since evil thoughts have not matured or become transformed into committed acts as yet.

The Lord proclaims that He wishes to resurrect such souls to life.

He raised this young girl who had not been carried out for burial yet.

She lay dead at home.
It is as though sin was not apparent till that time in her life.
Nevertheless, if you not only embrace a feeling of pleasure in evil thoughts but also engage in evil acts,

it can be concluded that the dead one has been carried outside the door.

Then you would be carried outside and actually carried to your grave.

In spite of that, the Lord still raised such a dead one to life when He restored the youth alive to his widowed mother.

Repent when you sin for the Lord will raise you up and restore you to the church who is your mother.

The third example of death is that of Lazarus.

This is a serious case of death that is particularly marked by sin turned into a habit of committing evil.

Falling into sin is one issue, whereas committing sin out if habit is another matter.

A person who falls into sin, but promptly submits to reform, rises up to life quickly for he has not fallen into the net of evil habit and has not been laid into the grave so far.

However, a person who has submitted to the habit of evil doing is someone who has been buried and of whom this saying is true: ‘there is stench’.

This is because that person is characterized by bad reputation. All such people have become used to commit crimes and have abandoned morality...

in spite of that, the power of the Lord Jesus Christ is no less overwhelming and is able to restore life to them.

We know and see people, daily, who become transformed and move away from the most evil habits.

They become receptive to a kind of better life more than those who blame them...

may no one despair or give in.

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