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Feb 27, 2023

The Adhesion to the Lord

Strange am I Lord on earth so grant me the gift of bounding to You in the land of my sojourning.

Show Yourself and teach me Your commandments and heal me with the wine of Your love.

Teach me and knowledge me with Yourself and grant me the image of Your kindness and humbleness.

Carry my weights from me so I leave everything and follow You, my fulfillment to hungry and thirsty and my treasure.

Under Your wings I take shield from the enemy's strike and from the stormy winds.

I rejoice by You and love You from all my heart, soul, thought and my strength.

And You fill me and cleanse Your house from the thieves and You fill me from Your Spirit.

My Lord Jesus Christ... When will the bonds of the body loose and I spring to You where the light and glory... Amen comes oh Lord Jesus

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