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the Altar of the heart Circumcision Feast

Jan 14, 2023

the Altar of the heart Circumcision Feast

Today is the freedom from all chains and external bonds so I enter onto You inside the alter of my heart where is the glory and the light.

You broke my chains so to You I offer the sacrifice of praise and enter onto You by sacrificing my body.

And I enter into the manger of my heart where the fullness, the childhood, the praise, and the meditation.

And I love You in the alter where is the wisdom, the understanding, and realizing of the truth.

And I find You a savior from all my sins, my habits, and my sickness...free your servant.

You show me Your salvation, Your light, Your glory so I offer my thanks, my prayers, and my worships.

And You fill me with joy that can't be expressed that for it I lose everything to gain You.

You are the hidden treasure and the expensive pearl so I gain You and be in You.

And You let me enter into the company of Your suffering, and the power of Your resurrection to exhaust myself in the likeness of Your death so I reach the resurrection of the death.

And I fight to understand Your secrets and reach You.

And to see the light and the glory of the transfiguration and the secret of son ship that can't be expressed.

My Lord Jesus Christ ... Raise the fallen tent and come dwell in it and fill it from Your grace, and from the scent of Your love, from Your light,

Your richness that can't be expressed and save me in it and don't allow anything to get me out of it... Oh Lover of mankind.

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