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Apr 28, 2022

The Alters fire

you who came to ignite fire on earth, start a fire within the alter of my heart with Your Divine fire.

Let my heart burn by bond to You, I need nothing on earth but You.

Raise me from the bed of sins and desires and turn my coldness to love and warmth
Ascend me with You to the mountain to where Your light and Your glory cloud

Raise the dead to return to their mothers where there is warmth, passion and love.

Unify me with Your body to serve all humanity in love and humility.
Turn my prayers to fire on Your heavenly alter so I live in the heavenly praise.

Free me from the flesh and self measure and the soul measurement, rebuke the winds and light my lantern.

Open to me Lord the heavenly door to rejoice in Your partnership and Your divine presence

Let Your glory fill Your home that is within and cast out the false thoughts.

Turn the desolate and dark earth to Your light of resurrection
My lord Jesus Christ
Fill me from Your love and grow in it,
Oh the Lover of mankind

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