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The Beauty of His Royal Glory

Jan 5, 2022

The Beauty of His Royal Glory

Today shines your light and your beauty my GOD to prepare me for the Godly image in me with all the glory and beauty and happiness

You Lord untangle me from the bonds of darkness and the shadow of death and the slavery of sin and its ugliness to transfer me to the beauty of God’s Children's glory and freedom
You are Emmanuel...

God with us, who shines with the beauty of his Godly radiance on all aspects of my life.

You are the infant who is born in the manger...

You are the beauty of the divine alter amidst the choir of angels praising You and Your radiance with wonderful majestic praises.

Such beauty from an comprehensible picture.
You dress me with the luminous glory suit, like a young child carrying the shining image of his father

Your Holy Spirit shouting internally you the Father of fathers...

As a child speaks with his Father embraced in his arms all the time.

You overwhelm me with beauty of Your love, so I immerse my brethren with true love so the earth may become heavenly ...
So fill me with the love of my brethren so I can abide in You.

Teach me to do all Your will,
like David your servant, so the heavenly icon may be completed

My Lord Jesus Christ, my tongue is unable to speak, and my heart stands wondering in front of the mystery of the mangers, so love me and prepare me, Oh the Lover of Mankind

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