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May 13, 2022

The Constant Observance of the Lord

My spirit looks to You at all times so I rejoice by You and delight by You.

I see Your salvation soon you come back to enliven me and I seek the light of Your face.

And I'm filled by Your love from all my heart and I understand Your will and I attach to You and become stable in You.

And I'm quenched from the fountain of You love and I become a true alter for You.

And You remove my bonds and open the doors and roll the stones.

And You purify for me myself, carrying the healing and carrying me to Godly embrace.

I shield myself by You from my enemy ad You are my steadily and my orphanage in the day of hardship.

My Lord Jesus Christ ... Inflame my heart by Your longing and fill me from the longing of Your true love oh Lover of mankind!!!

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