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May 9, 2022

The content by the Lord.

Today I find You the bread of life descending from the heaven and giving life to the world,

You cross over the waves of the world by Your presence in the boat and guide it to the shore of the eternity,

And You offer Yourself to everyone who comes to You by faith, and You fulfill him, quench his thirst, and reveal Yourself to him, and grant him the eternal life,
And make him a rock in Your Holy alter...

a life rock that is Your spiritual house, and an organ in Your holy body rich by the secrets of Your grace,
And You him a spiritual sight to know the truth,

and establish in it, and live with it,.don't deny me from the sharing of Your loveÃMy Lord Jesus Christ and the table of Your grace ....fulfill me and quench my thirst in every moment.

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