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Apr 26, 2023

The Divine Fire

Ignite in my heart Your divine fire so it may be warmed by love and the fervent heart.

Your fire leads me into the wilderness of this age and fill me and saturate me so I thank You and rejoice by You.

Your fire holds me in Your bosom as a lamb in the shepherd's arms, that heals my sickness.

Your fire ignites Your spirit in me so I walk according to Your will.

Your fire awakens me to stay late awaiting You with faith, love, hope and gladness.

Your fire burns all of the wastefulness and fills the vessel of my heart with wisdom, understanding, and humility

Your fire teaches me how to carry my cross and follow You everyday wherever You go.

Your fire ascends me to the mountain to view Your glory and offer myself as a live sacrifice to You..

My Lord Jesus Christ.

You save me from the evil thoughts and keep me from my enemy and shield me until I reach You and I escape from the traps So help me.

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