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Nov 16, 2022

The divine fire within us

Oh my Lord ignite Your fire within me, the fire that you came to kindle it, the consuming fire.

Your fire ignites my heart by praising You and fills me with the spirit of repentance that consumes and burns

Your fire heats my heart to praise you and fills me with the real spirit of repentance.

Your fire Gives me tolerance to endure the suffering with all happiness to get to share your suffering and resurrection.

your fire makes me offer my body as a sacrifice of love with patience ,hope and happiness.

Your fire purifies me and allows your kingdom to dwell in me.

Your fire grants me power to do your will at every moment.

Your fire lights my lantern and harnesses me making me love to wait for you in the late hours.

Your fires rejoice me with your cross and heals my pain so nothing could separate me from Your love.

Your fire disperses the evil thoughts from me and his fiery arrows

Oh my lord Jesus Christ,

Ignite the fire of Your love and Your longing and Your fear and my jealousy for you in my heart and all my senses, Oh lover of mankind, every hour and every moment.

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