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Aug 4, 2022

the divine leadership

+lead me o! God along the waters and through the fire, amidst the shadow of death and deliver me unto rest.

Grant wise speech and strength before my enemies and deliver me from their hands.

Teach me self-denial to bear my cross and follow you to realize the secret of your kingdom.

Fix me steadfastly in your love... for your sake I die every day… no one could ever detach me from your love.

Thine consuming fire may burn my enemies & get rid of them leading me unto you.

Fill me with thine divine image, granting me glory, virtue and patience.

Fill me with your entity, fix me whole heartedly in you and lead me with your spirit o! Lover of mankind.

If yearn to dwell in my heavenly home, being always with you, forever& ever.

Y lord Jesus... let me drink to the full from the spring of thine love,

lead me along thine path and teach me how to behave and act in each step, o! Lover of mankind.

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