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May 3, 2022

The eye of The faith

God grant me the eye of the faith to see You and the secrets of Your kingdom,

The faith of the master seed that move the mountain of the knowledge and selfishness and ease everything,

With the faith I see You and believe in You and receive the eternal life within me and live in the light,

With faith I gain power, patience in the affliction that surround me looking only at You,

With faith I'm longing to Your coming on the cloud and going to You,

And behave by the spirit of love with Your children and put myself according to Your will,

And I rejoice by Your work within me and keep Your grace to bring fruits,

And to hold by You so You rebuke the strong winds, and heal my sickness, and raise me from death,

And carry my cross and follow You on the hope of the resurrection and the secret of Your kingdom,

And see Your grace fill me, and surround me like an eatable fire that burn my enemies,

And make an alter for You inside my heart to see You through it,

and enjoy Your company oh Lover of Mankind.

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