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Apr 13, 2022

The fulfillment by the Lord

You, O my Savior, are the Bread of life... My fulfillment, life and richness.

I am glad in what You have made for the poor and the meek, so I am made whiter than the snow.

I cry before You and You fill me with light, guide me, fulfill me and saturate me.

I leave everything for You and You enrich me with fire as purified gold.

You cast my impurities from me and grant me the secret of eternal life through Your sacraments.

I open myself unto You so that You reveal the mystery of true union with You.

I live as a stranger in this world and You bring me into Your heavenly city that has been prepared for me.

I resist the world and You fill me with hope, gladness and peace through Your Spirit.

My Lord Jesus Christ, grant me vigilance and alertness and warm my heart until You find room within me.

You delight me through Your grace and the image of Your glory and favored light, Oh the Joy of my soul.

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