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Jan 1, 2022

(The glory of the sons of GOD)

This is the day of the beginning Your shining light on Your children whom are longing for You… let Your face shine on us so we may be saved.

Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done and have all of my heart.

Let me do Your Will every moment and in every matter.

And I walk in purity and righteousness before You.

And You guide me out of darkness and shadow of death toward the light of life.

And You fill me with the richness of Your glory so I may understand the greatness of the heavenly inherence.

And You abide in me until I am accepted for my sake and not ashamed before You.

And You save me from my hardships and lead me to freedom, O’ the Lover of mankind


Thank you, thank you, and Thank you.

Scatter my worries, my sadness, my darkness, my soul and my body diseases. Oh Lover of mankind!!

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