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Nov 7, 2022

The Godly might is with us

You teach my hands the fight and fill me with power and happiness in You to defeat my enemies.

Your ability can heal my pain and cure the sickness of my soul, say a word that I may be healed.

Your power grants me wisdom and good judgement for how to deal with the storm and the high waves.

Your ability raises the fallen and releases those who have been shackled and open the eyes of the blind and frees the tongue of the mute.

Your ability destroyes the walls of the evil and attracts my thought towards You and the Heavenly.

Your ability grants me to withstand pain and patience till my soul may be healed.

Your ability shadows me and lights my way and fills me and quinshes me and lets me want for nothing.

Your ability teaches me Your testimonies and keeps me in Your presence that I may be filled with Your fear and Your grace.

Your ability destroyes the Palastinians and crushes the lion and the snake and vanishes the power of the enemy.

Your ability [purifies my deepths from filth and darkness and lightens the eyes of my heart so that I may see You.

Your ability protects me under the shadows of Your wings and fills me with the true faith by You and shows me the richness of Your glory.

My Lord Jesus Christ... Raise me to You and show me the glory that was prepared for me and grant me the power to reach You through Your grace and remove all the thoughts and the earthly desires from my heart.

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