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Nov 21, 2022

The Inner Treasure

Come Oh my Lord Jesus Christ today, and fill the temple of my heart with the richness of your marvelous treasure and your precious stones..

the mustard seed and yeast
Fill me with the rich and fervent love,

which ignites within the soul and burns the thorns of evil.

Fill me with richness of your godly image, in kindness, humbleness, and power against evil

Fill me with the richness that longs my heart to you, where I come to you without interruption

Fill me with the richness by your graces glory as a pure sanctified alter to you.

Fill me with the richness with your kingdoms glory where I see inside me the picture of your kingdom
Fill me with the richness of the children spirit

that can gain wisdom from you and crush the evil.

Open the ears of my heart so I may hear you and move my tongue to praise you and save my mind and senses.

My Lord Jesus Christ, don’t let me assume the heaviness of the clay vessel

of the poor and needy and asceticism and tranquility because that is the manger that carried you, Oh the God of the whole world.

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