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Jun 20, 2022

The light of the heart

Shine on my heart with the light of Your grace and remove the heavy darkness that is in it.

Lighten the eyes of my heart so I may understand Your words and inflame my heart with the understanding of Your plans.

Grant me a pure heart that can see You and paint in it the image of Your pure glory.

Grant me the life that comes out of the well of Your cross so I may survive death's darkness.

Grant me wisdom, understanding and an open heart to understand Your love's secrets.

Grant me filling to thirst and hunger in the days of my sojourning until I reach You.

Shut the mouths of the lions and grant me awareness to those who bother me.

Grant me Your humble image so I may deliver to You my life.

My Lord Jesus Christ... Stay with me because the sun has set on my life and it is the day's end.

And open my eyes to see Your glory and do not allow my body to forbid me from seeing Your light.

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