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Apr 30, 2022

The longing to the eternal love

When my Lord will I return from this world's captivity and enter into Your rest.

Write Your law on my heart's alter to offer sacrifices that prepare me to Your kingdom.

If I walked in the valley of the death of shadow I'll fear nothing because You are getting me out to the light.

Grant me the sharing for Your body and blood, purify me and I walk in the light towards Your kingdom.

I serve Your love's fire within me and shine in my heart.

Teach me how to have patience to the end, sacrificing with all the earthly and looking to the eternal.

Open my eye to see You and desires You and I run towards You.

Grant me the secret of Lazarus the meek.

Grant me the fruit of the spirit in my life and fill me with gladness, peace and humbleness.

My Lord Jesus Christ... Fill my heart with Your kingdom's secrets and teach me how to see it every moment.

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