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The New Wine

Jan 21, 2023

The New Wine

In this blessed day you give me to drink from the wonderful wine of Your love,

You pour over my wounds wine and oil and You heal it with Your wonderful love
You make my heart joyful by Your precious blood and You fill me from Your love,

You are united to me by Your death and Your resurrection so I live by You and for You and enjoy Your sweetness,

You heal me from the sickness of death, by the medicine of the eternal life,

You invite me to Your wedding dinner where there is the secret of the tree of life and to be filled by You,

By Your resurrection you make me a new person and live a new life by Your grace,

By Your Holy Spirit You grant me establishment in you and keep within me the secret of the eternal life,

My Lord Jesus Christ....

Renew your life in me and remove the old person from inside me and dress me with the wedding garment and rejoice me by your wonderful secret dinner Oh Lover of mankind

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