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May 23, 2023

The open Heavens

Oh Lord Open to me the door of the heaven to enjoy and to eat from the tree of life,

And through my soreness and my pains Your comfort delight my soul, and You are the help of my hope,

You enlighten my way and I taste and see how The Lord are delightful,

you fulfill me from Your spirit and Your light and calm down the storm of my soul,

And You fill me from a burning fire Which is the Fire of Your love and my brethren love,

And You clothe me by Your pure garment .... In uncorruption and I receive the victory over the death,

And You fill me from Your fear and Your wisdom, Your glory, and Your majesty,

And I received the forgiveness of my sins the opening of my mind to see You and rejoice by You,

And You fill me from Your grace, the truth and deny the world and all its matters.

My lord Jesus Christ.....
Don't let me go back to the earthly BUT help me to live in the heavenly.

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