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Nov 22, 2022

The power of the kingdom of God within us

I come to you my lord today to fill me with the secret of your kingdom that is full of power.

You are my power, praise, salvation, light and by you I get to the power.

Grant me the gift of being attached to you and revealing your kingdoms glory within me and the secret of the new man.

Grant me the continues fulfillment from your loves fountain to be nourished with it your kingdoms seeds.

Grant me to carry my cross every day and follow you till your kingdom comes strong.

Grants me the faith that of the muster seed that grows and grows and grows until it comes with the fruit of the spirit.

Grant me the power of the spirit and the secret of the resurrection within me and your resurrection glowing deep in my heart.

Grant me the spiritual wisdom that is full of peace, humility, and love.

Grant me not to be busy with the outward, but the inward so the inside grows.

My Lord Jesus Christ
You granted this secret to me so keep me with Your grace

and help me to protect it from the thieves and the kidnapping wolves.
Oh the lover of mankind

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