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May 9, 2023

The Resurrection Is A Possible Matter.

The possibility of the resurrection - with no doubt depends on
the plenary and unlimited power of God.

All of us believe that the Almighty God is omnipotent.
There is no limit to His heavenly ability.

However difficult the matter may seem to the renegades and the
unbelievers or to those who depend on thought and science yet
God, without any doubt, is able to raise the bodies from death.

The practice and the operation of the resurrection of the
bodies is easier than creating them previously.

God, who gave these bodies the blessing of existence, is
undoubtedly able to return them, once more, from the dust of
Moreover, God has created everything from nonentity.

He created the earth and its dust from nothingness; and from dust
He created man.

Then, which of them is more difficult: the creation from nonexistence or raising the bodies from dust?

Thus, it is intuitive that he who is able to carry out the most
difficult matter can also execute the easiest one... and He who
caused the creation to exist, can, with stronger reason, keep it.

Pope Shenouda III

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