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The Resurrection Is The Gate Of Eternity:

May 13, 2022

The Resurrection Is The Gate Of Eternity:

But for the resurrection death would have been a decisive evanescence.

Evanescence is a dreadful matter.

It is a distressing end which is considered the grimmest tragedy.

But God did not create man for evanescence but for continuance and life.

If man was exposed to death because of sin God laid before him the way of salvation.

He raised and rescued him from this death.
When God created man, He gave him something eternal- the spirit.

Man dies but his spirit does not perish but remains alive. In this way, man differs from other creatures which live on earth because their lives are annihilated and come to an end.

Man, by the resurrection, begins another new, endless life.

In this way, man's degree and his preference to other earthly creatures appear.

Pope Shenouda III

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