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May 12, 2023

The revealing of the great glory of God.

Oh my master reveal Your glory in my heart and rejoice me by Your appearance and Your descending upon me,

I announce Your mercy in all occasions and establish in my humility,

And You take away from me the pride, and the yeast of the hypocrisy,

and Your grace grow in my heart,
And take Your image,

and defeat by You the spirit of darkness that surround me,

And fulfilled by Your heavenly love, and the glory of Your grace, and Your love quench my thirst,

And I truly know You and You fulfill me by Your love because I see You face to face,
Oh My Lord Jesus Christ.....take out the sticks from my eye to see You..

remember me oh Lord when You come into Your kingdom and fill me from the hope of the resurrection and the grace to come in Your second coming.

Fill me from the longing to your true love. Descend Your Holy Spirit upon me Oh Lover of mankind.

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