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The sign of the diving apparition

Jan 19, 2023

The sign of the diving apparition

(heaven opened up)

Isiah prophesied this divine appearance when he said, "Hope you would split up the Heavens and come down" (Isa. 61:1).

St. Matthew and St. Luke expressed the same idea of the Heavens being opened up, in their gospels.

St. Stephan witnessed the opened Heavens and even saw "the glory of God and Jesus on the right hand side of God" (Acts 7:55).

St. John, the beloved, witnessed the same thing while in Patmos isle (Rev. 19:11).

St. Peter, as well, saw the opened Heavens in his vision (Acts 10:11).

All this prove that the path between Heaven and earth is opened by the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, glory be to Him.

For He said, "From now on you shall see the Heavens opened and the angels of God descending and ascending upon the son of man" and when the Heavens was opened the voice was heard saying, "Behold, this is my beloved Son in whom I rejoice" (Matt. 3:17).

This voice was heard thrice. The first time during baptism (Mark 1:11).

The second on the mount of transfiguration (Matt. 17:5).

The third time was just before his pains on the cross (John 12:28).

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