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Mar 6, 2023

The simple eye

Today Lord I'm longing for the simple eye that is full with light and enlighten my whole life,

And with it I can see Your ways and do not deviate from it,

And I see Your care so I won't care about tomorrow, but I ask for Your kingdom,

And I see Your image in every human being so I do not condemn anyone ... And I offer all love to each one,

And I see the wood that I have in my eye so I work hard with Your grace to get rid of it,

And I see Your door and I knock on it, You open to me Your fatherly embrace,

And I see the glory of Your kingdom then I consider everything on the earth as dust and try hard to gain a treasure in the heaven,

And wake up from my sleep to dress with the weapons of the light and rebuke the desires of my flesh, yet I dress Your cloth and Your grace,

And realizing Your treasures and work through it and become rich with Your grace,

And realizing the secrets of Your evangelist, I behave according to it and pray with it day and night.
My lord Jesus Christ...

I deeply ask You to open my eyes and grant me this simple enlighten eye and keep it for me oh lover of mankind

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