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Nov 25, 2022

The stability in The Lord

This is the day when my life starts by establish in my savior and the fulfilling from His Holy Spirit,

I am thirsty so Quench my thirst every hour from the fountain of the life's water,
Fill me with Your superior peace and establish me in You,

Grant me the spirit of repentance and prepare me to see you all the time,
So Your spirit speak in me and teach me everything,

And grant me a warm heart and faith and filiations,
And the oneness of heart and soul with the rest of your members.

And grant me the spirit of filiation and the continuous stability in You, oh the true vine,

And You fulfill me from the divine fire that ignite in my heart to burn all the weakness and eat all the bad beings My lord Jesus Christ...

Establish me in You and fill me with Your spirit and start with me a new life! Oh Lover of mankind.

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