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The true physician

Jan 10, 2022

The true physician

You are He who came to heal the wounds of my soul and to offer me the medicines of life... help me.

Fill me from the fountain of Your love and feed me by the oil of Your life giving secrets and save me.

Look at my afflictions and my wounds and pour into it from Your oil and Your wine and heal it by your wounds,
Look at my slavery and loosen me from the bed of the sins so I will be healed and be closed to You.

Let me hear your beautiful words and fill me from the longing of Your love because its the medicine for every disease.

Grant me to have patience in sickness, affliction, sadness and worries until You come and turn the death into resurrection.

My Lord Jesus Christ.....You are the only One aware of my sicknesses and my needs to you so heal me and fill me with understanding and wisdom to understand the secret of sickness and secret of the healing so I may not be sick again Oh Lover of mankind!!

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