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They entered the cloud

Aug 19, 2023

They entered the cloud

On this day, my Lord, I will enter the cloud of Your glory so that You can shadow over me, and so that Your light may illuminate my heart.

Resurrect me with you onto the mountain every day, and make my paths straight.

Allow me to enter into the cloud of Your glory and permit me to bask in the light of Your glory.

Your face shines in my heart, and Your cloak whitens my cloak as You grant me the cloak of righteousness.

Permit me to enter into the unity of love with Your good Father.

Teach me to obey Your commandments and to enjoy the sweetness of Your words.

Hold my hand and lead me as You wish – through Your grace and Your strength.

Fill me with the will of Your knowledge and grant me patience and joy.

Shun away all darkness from my life, and enlighten my heart with the light of Your knowledge.

Permit me to enter Your vast Heavenly Kingdom that is open for all, that I may be one in You and that I may dwell with You.

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