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Jan 12, 2022


Three virtues should be in each moral goodness to make it a real virtue: love, humility and wisdom.

Any valuable quality void of love is not considered a virtue.

The same applies to any virtue void of humility and wisdom.
Any action far from love is far from God.

God takes from each virtue the amount of love that is in it.

If He finds no love, He casts it away completely.

Any virtue that has no humility, is rejected by God and considered food for self-righteousness and vain glory.

Pride is most hated by God.

The Bible said, "God resists the proud,
but gives grace to the humble." (1 Pet. 5:5)

Therefore, each virtue should be practised in wisdom, understanding and discretion...

Without wisdom and understanding,

virtue is not considered a virtue...

For this reason, the saints used to practise the virtues under the supervision of wise, knowledgeable fathers,

to teach them how to be discrete and explain to them how a virtue should be...

History tells us about those who acted in virtue without knowledge and how they fell and perished...

Many dealt with fasting without wisdom and were exhausted both physically and spiritually.

Many adopted silence without wisdom and fell in many problems and faults. To them, silence was not a virtue.

Others dealt with offering without knowledge.

They gave God's money to swindlers, instead of giving it to the needy...

Therefore, St Anthony said that being discrete is one of the greatest virtues, as it controls and considers all of.


Pastoral care and service without discretion could complicate matters instead of settling them.

Accordingly, our fathers, the apostles made it conditional that deacons must be,

"... full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom..." (Act 6:3)
Wisdom gives a virtue depth and truthfulness...

And love gives a virtue depth a virtue sentiment and feeling...

As for humility, it hides virtue from the devil's envy,

and by this, gives its possessor modesty as well as affection in the hearts of people...

Let us examine ourselves: are what we have deep inside us virtues?

Pope Shenouda III

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