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Nov 4, 2022

To reveal Your face upon us.

see Your face so I enjoy Your light

and follow You and rejoice Your grace,

And You rebuke the storm , and the big waves and give me peace,

You clear me from my leprosy and heal all my sickness,

And You grant me the secret of the life that hide in Your sweet words,

And You enlighten Your house within me in the darkness of this world,

And You established me in You so I live in a true relation with You and with my brethren,

You are the rock who quench the thirsty and give comfort to the sick,

You copy Your lovely image, Your patience and Your humility upon me,

My Lord Jesus Christ.

...You enlighten upon me by the light of Your face every moment so I see You,
and rejoice by You,

and quench my thirst from Your grace. Oh lover of mankind.

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