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Jan 24, 2023

we left everything and followed You.

Here I'm leaving my well, myself, and my knowledge, my desires , and my wishes and follow You with all my heart.

So teach me the fight and save me and fight for me and save me by Your hands from that all water that surrounds me.

Teach me how to carry my cross every day with joy and follow You very serious with patience and hope.

Teach me how to enter to You to see You and hear Your voice to me in every hour.

Teach me how to drink the cup of love and to dye with the secret of Your humbleness.

And become like a child so open the eyes of my heart to see You and follow You.

And Shine on me by the light of Your face that i get filled with faith, power and wisdom from you.

And your blood purifies me from the dead deed to serve You and Your children with all my heart.

My lord Jesus Christ.....
Don't allow me to get lazy in the way

Yet every day I renew the promise of my Monasticism to follow You with all gladness until You come and take me to the rest.

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