Sep 26, 2018

+ [Saint] Paul the apostle / speaks of the honor of the Cross, / saying, "We will not boast / except in the Cross of Christ."

+ Let us sing, O faithful, / to our Lord, Jesus Christ, / and bow down to His Cross, / the immortal and holy wood.

+ We take pride in you, O Cross, / on which Jesus was crucified / for through your type, / we were set free.

+ The mouths of the orthodox / and the seven ranks of angels / take pride in you, O Cross / of our good Savior.

+ We carry you, O Cross, / the protector of brave Christians, / powerfully around our necks, / and we proclaim openly.

+ Hail to you, O Cross, / the joy of the Christians, / the conqueror of tyranny, / our confirmation, we the faithful.

+ Hail to you, O Cross, / the comfort of the faithful, / the confirmation of the martyrs, / till they completed their sufferings.

+ Hail to you, O Cross, / the weapon of victory. / Hail to you, O Cross, / the throne of the King.

+ Hail to you, O Cross, / the sign of salvation. / Hail to you, O Cross, / the shining light.

+ Hail to you, O Cross, / the sword of the Spirit. / Hail to you, O Cross, / the spring of grace.

+ Hail to you, O Cross, / the treasure of good things. / Hail to you, O Cross, / to the end of the ages.

+ “Hail to you, O Cross, / which King Constantine / carried with him to the war / and smote the barbarians.”

+ For greatly honored / is the sign of the Cross / of Jesus Christ, the King, / our true God.

+ He who was crucified upon the Cross / to save our race, / let us also honor Him, / proclaiming and saying.

+ The Cross is our weapon. / The Cross is our hope. / The Cross is our confirmation / in our struggles and sufferings.

+ For blessed is Christ, our God, / and His life-giving Cross, / upon which He was crucified / to save us from our sins.

+ We praise and glorify Him / and exalt Him above all, / as a Good One and Lover of Man. / Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.

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