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Mar 7, 2023

Why do we then enslave our talking and eternal soul for a rotten and perishing thing which is money, the source of all evils?

Sadly, we resist money with our mouth but it fights us with his its doings in order to keep us away from the Kingdom of Heavens.

It is also sad how we love it when it does all that in reality.

Money is a dead body that does no cunning or killings.

How sorry we should be for not beating an inanimate body, then how are we to beat those powers that resist us which have no bodies?

If we do care about dust, then how are we going to be able to not care about the natural desires?

If we yearn to see the dollar and dime, then how come we do not crave to see the human faces?

What has this decease shown in you, you now say that seeing gold is good for eyesight? And its voice makes the heart grow stronger.

I say to you that nothing harms our eyes such as the love of money, which was worshipped by Judah and would not let him listen to the voice of his true Master.

He obeyed Satan and strangled himself, only to perish and go to hell.

We should then dear ones run away from taking pride in our family ties, relations and love of money so that we may live down here enjoying the perfect peace of God and enjoy up there the wealth which was prepared for us, with the grace of God, may He be glorified forever. Amen.

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