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Dec 24, 2021

“Why is it hard to believe that Mary gave birth in a way contrary to the law of natural birth and remained a virgin, when contrary to the law of nature the sea looked at Him and fled, and the waters of the Jordan returned to their source (Ps. 113:3).

Is it past belief that a virgin gave birth when we read that a rock issued water (Ex. 17:6),
and the waves of the sea were made solid as a wall (Ex. 14:22)?

Is it past belief that a Man came from a virgin when a rock bubbled forth a flowing stream (Ex. 20:11), iron floated on water (4 Kings 6:6), a Man walked upon the waters (Mt. 14:26)?

If the waters bore a Man, could not a virgin give birth to a man?

What Man? Him of Whom we read: ‘…the Lord shall be known to the Egyptians,
and the Egyptians shall know the Lord in that day; and they shall offer sacrifices,
and shall vow vows to the Lord, and pay them’ (Is. 19:20).

In the Old Testament a Hebrew virgin (Miriam) led an army through the sea (Ex. 15:21);
in the New testament a king’s daughter (the Virgin Mary)
was chosen to be the heavenly entrance to salvation.”

St. Ambrose

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