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Nov 1, 2022

Worship God in happiness

Fill my heart oh Lord with Your joy that is full with peace,

Rejoice me with the faith that able to move the Sycamore tree of selfishness and knowledge,

- Rejoice me by standing before You and the passion of love,

Rejoice me with Your power and Your descending in me and fill me from Your grace,

- Rejoice me by breaking my enemy and that my name be written in heaven,

Rejoice me with the blessing of being childlike before You and to all who see me,

Rejoice me by seeing You, Your peace, Your hand and by Your wounded side my God and Lord

- Rejoice me by saving me from the troubled waves and so I may cross to the harbor

- Rejoice me with Your work inside me so that I may not live in me but You in me and in everything.

- Rejoice me in the hard times and establish my heart with all the faith till Your coming

- Rejoice me with the fountain of life and the tree of life and Your kingdom that is surely coming.

My Lord Jesus Christ

Fill me from the gladness of Your love

Oh the lover of mankind.

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