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Jan 20, 2023

You are the highest beauty, more than the human being.

My soul was thirsty for You my Lord because You are my soul's desire and my life's goal.

I'll follow You, leaving everything, so Your light shines through my eye's darkness to see You and rejoice by You and offer real repentance.

I'll fight to be a true pride for You the heavenly bridegroom, my soul's desire.

Fill me by the spirit's fire that burns all the hay within me and turns me towards the lit pure image of glory,

so I may receive the fruits' of repentance from You.
Fill me by the company of Your secrets

so I may see Your glory and the secret of the cloud of glory and the wondrous son ship that has been announced on the mountain.

Untie the bonds and open the doors and show Your light in my heart in the middle of the darkness,

You who are beyond the human's beauty.

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