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Aug 1, 2022

You gave power to me in the fight.

Fill me with your power
I'm weak and powerless and have no one but you.

Hold my hands and safe me from the too many water and calm the winds.

Say a word to heal my boy Speak within me to answer the blasphemes and the evils.

Your power Destroy the forts and captive all thoughts to obey you

Scatter the wilderness beasts and the five nations and all the gods of the impurity Babylon.

Rejoice me with the coming glory.
To walk with the power of the faith instead the suffering

- Hold my heart with your grace and your descending within me.
And the print if your glory image in me.

With your resurrection power I walk in the new life with your grace.

My lord Jesus Christ
You know my weakness and my enemy's power

Forsake them and fight for me
And teach my hands the fight
O the lover of mankind

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