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Nov 14, 2022

You have been cured by His wounds

Come today oh Lord and fix Your land and water it, clean it, and forgive it’s sins and its pains, oh Lover of mankind.

With your wounds heal my egoistical and prideful soul lest the thief take Your grace from my heart.

With Your wounds break the stones of my heart and my surface of my worship and my facade and my hypocrisy, laziness, and slacking.

By Your wounds extract the thorns and thistles of the worries, desires, and temptations...

Put the reigns in my mouth and bridle my feelings, thoughts, and my inner that chokes the seeds of Your grace.

My Lord Jesus Christ... Create in me a good and pure heart... Quench and fulfill me and grant me patience and power so that I may come to You carrying the fruit of marvelous love. Oh Lover of mankind

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