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Your honor O saint

May 20, 2023

Your honor O saint
Is truly great.
You became a friend
To the martyrs of the Church.

Also, your struggles
Are truly great.
You became noble
Through your honors.

Blessed are you, O lady,
Demiana the martyr.
You endured tortures
From cruel soldiers.

Blessed are you, who is called
Demiana the victorious.
Your tortures were violent;
Your crowns are precious.

O chaste among martyrs,
Demiana the chosen,
The cruel soldiers,
By you, became baffled.

You gave up the earthly
And all the world.
You desired the heavenly
Out of love for the Lord.

You loved chastity
Since you were young;
You truly cherished it,
O shining star of light.

You loved purity
O great and holy.
You became a lampstand
To the children of the Church.

You loved seclusion
Away from everyone.
You were adorned with perfection
Like the shining orders.

You loved the Barari
And lived in its cities.
The Lord, the Creator,
Shined your light in it.

You asked of your father
For a secluded tower
To worship your Creator,
Leaving the world altogether.

He granted your request
And built you a castle,
Fulfilling your desire
To praise and worship.

You chose forty virgins,
Known for their purity.
You all attained grace
And spoke in prudence.

You defeated the soldiers
Who were overcome by your works
When you followed the Master,
O first-born and virtuous.

Also, Markos your father,
When he obeyed the Emperor,
You restored him by your words
And clever sayings.

Blessed are you indeed,
O who was exalted.
Shine with your light
For you have prevailed.

Blessed are you indeed,
O you who conquered.
Take me in your protection
For you have overcome.

I, the poor, have asked
From you, O pure first-born,
To be my comfort
O martyr and saint.

I, the sinner, ask
From the first-born and chaste
To guard my steps
And help me when I say:

“The mention of Your name
Is in all the believers’ mouths;
They all say, ‘O God of
St. Demiana, help us all.’”

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